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Awakened Alaskan Volcano Spews Ash Again June 7, 2013
Pavlof Volcano
Ash spewing from Alaska's Pavlof volcano on May 18.
Pavlof volcano spewed another plume of ash in southwestern Alaska, prompting authorities to warn low-flying aircraft to steer clear of the debris.

Pavlof awakened on May 13 and had been seen calming down before another plume was spotted on June 4.

"Satellite images show ash moving southeast, and pilot reports estimate cloud height at 19,000 feet," The Alaska Volcano Observatory (AVO) posted on its website.

The mountain, on the Alaska Peninsula, has erupted about 40 times in recorded history.

Meanwhile, the Aleutian Island volcano Mount Cleveland temained on an elevated warning status, according to the AVO.

Photo: Brandon Wilson