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Norway Declares Crabs Can Get 'Seasick' August 16, 2013
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Kjell Sørbø shortly after Norway's food standards agency said he could no longer briefly pull crabs out of the water to show to tourists in the tiny Arctic village.
A Norwegian fisherman, known in the country's Arctic outpost of Kjøllefjord as “the crab king,” is fighting back after the government banned him from displaying live snow crabs to tourists because officials say the practice can make the crustaceans “seasick.”

Kjell Sørbø was ordered to cease the practice because “it is not natural for a crab to be exposed to strong light, heat and noise outside of water,” the country’s food standards agency declared.

“Crabs have feelings too, and like other animals they have the right to be treated properly,” said agency spokesman Robin Martinsen.

But Sørbø isn’t buying the claim. “They have no proof of this. Those are just guesses,” he told the public broadcaster NRK.

He and his supporters collected financing for scientific research to determine if the government’s claims were founded, but the agency said it already had enough evidence.

Sørbø says he plans to appeal to Norway’s agriculture ministry.

Photo: NRK