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Tropical Storm Man-yi Brings Japan 'Unprecedented' Rains September 20, 2013
CIMSS Satellite Loop
Tropical Storm Man-yi can be seen making landfall on Honshu Island's Pacific coast.
Almost the entire length of Japan was drenched by Tropical Storm Man-yi, which forced a quarter of a million people into shelters and added a new factor to the Fukushima nuclear power plant disaster.

At least four people died in storm-related accidents, including two women who were killed by landslides. Most air and rail services were suspended due to the storm.

Nearly 20 inches of rainfall fell within a 48-hour period, causing rivers to burst their banks and producing “unprecedented” flooding in the historic city of Kyoto.

All of neighboring Fukuchiyama’s 81,000 residents were ordered to evacuate after muddy waters swallowed the city and surrounding areas.

NHK reported that more than 100 people were injured across the country by Man-yi’s rampage.

The excessive rainfall also forced the Tokyo Electric Power Co. to discharge accumulating radioactive water from the meltdown-plagued Fukushima power plant into the Pacific to prevent the complex from flooding.

Recent acknowledgements by officials that radioactive water is leaking from the plant have triggered safety concerns.

Even before the typhoon arrived, TEPCO management conceded that the situation at the wrecked facility was “out of control.”

Tropical Storm Man-yi Track

Satellite Loop Data: CIMSS