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Possible Indian Mud Volcano Frightens Nearby Villagers October 25, 2013
Satellite Image
A cone created by a mud volcano on one of India's Andaman Islands.
Indian villagers near the border with Myanmar report that an “eruption” with a lava-like flow has charred trees and plants on a nearby hillside.

Locals in the Manipur state village of Tusom say a deafening sound was accompanied by a flow of the hot liquid.

The Press Trust of India reports officials as saying that mud, water and other discharges were still flowing from the hilltop days later.

Since there are no active lava volcanoes on the Indian subcontinent, it’s believed the eruption was from a fresh mud volcano, which can also emit highly flammable gas that was possibly responsible for the charred vegetation and explosion.

India’s only other known mud volcanoes are in the remote Andaman Islands, in the eastern Bay of Bengal.

Photo: Creative Commons