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Attempts at Smog Humor Fail to Amuse Choking Chinese December 13, 2013
Satellite Image
Toxic pollution viewed from a Shanghai highrise building looked as if it were from another world.
Another bout of record air pollution forced several Chinese cities to shut down expressways and cancel flights as toxic fog and smog gripped northern and eastern parts of the country.

Visibility of less than 165 feet affected cities from Beijing and Hebei in the north, to areas surrounding Hong Kong in the south.

Some official Communist Chinese media outlets were slammed by Internet users and other media after they tried to put a positive spin on the hazardous pollution.

The Global Times said smog could be useful in military situations, where it could hinder the use of guided missiles.

Broadcaster CCTV listed five “unforeseen rewards” of smog, including helping Chinese people’s sense of humor.

“Is the smog supposed to lift if we laugh about it?” retorted Beijing Business Today, published by the city government’s official Beijing Daily.

“Smog affects our breathing. We hope it does not affect our thinking,” the publication added.

Photo: Instagram - Keenaf