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Sumatran Eruptions Keep Volcano Refugees from Going Home December 13, 2013
November blast from Mount Sinabung
A powerful eruption of Sumatra's Mount Sinabung volcano during late November.
Indonesia’s Mount Sinabung volcano continued to spew ash and send lava down its slopes, keeping thousands of people forced from their homes weeks ago in temporary housing.

The Jakarta Post reports 17,713 people have now been displaced by the ongoing eruptions and are staying at 31 evacuation camps.

The volcano has become increasingly active since September, erupting numerous times.

People fled to safety in October after powerful blasts sent hot ash and gravel spewing from the summit.

Ash from the blasts has destroyed thousands of acres of farmland, inflicting millions of dollars of losses to farmers near the mountain’s slopes.

Mount Sinabung surprised scientists in September 2010 by erupting suddenly for the first time in 400 years.

Two weeks of eruptions at that time forced more than 30,000 people from their homes.

Photo: Ulet Ifanscasti