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Dead Sea Shrinks Further Despite Middle East Rains January 17, 2014
Satellite Image
NASA satellite images illustrating the decline of the Dead Sea over the past 40 years.
The level of the shrinking Dead Sea dropped even further this winter despite drenching rains that filled up reservoirs elsewhere across Israel and the occupied West Bank.

Hydrologists say the widespread rain and snow even refilled most of the coastal aquifer while failing to replenish the Dead Sea.

Siphoning of the sea and its Jordan River source for agricultural use and industry, as well as evaporation, have caused the shoreline to retreat by as much as a mile in some spots over the past few decades.

By early January, the super-saline lake had dropped by more than an inch from what had been measured a month earlier, reaching a level 3 feet lower than just a year before.

The retreating shoreline has destabilized the ground, causing massive sinkholes that have devoured entire villages.

Satellite Images: NASA