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Drones to Protect African Wildlife January 31, 2014
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"t is important to note that the killing of elephants for ivory generally shot up over the last four years, not only in Uganda but within the entire elephant range states in Africa." — Ugandan Wildlife Authority statement.
The Ugandan Wildlife Authority (UWA) says it will start using surveillance drones to help protect elephants and other endangered animals that have come under increased threat from poachers in recent months.

The unmanned aircraft are scheduled to be flying by the end of the year. UWA Executive Director Andrew Seguya told reporters that the drones will catch poachers “while in the act.”

Elephants and rhinos have been slaughtered at an increasing pace across Africa.

More than 11,000 forest elephants were killed over the past decade in Gabon’s Minkébé National Park.

At least 300 elephants were poisoned last year in Zimbabwe’s Hwange National Park and their tusks hacked off for the illicit ivory trade, centered in Asia.

“The new plan we have is zero tolerance to poaching,” said Seguya.

Photo: Overlanding Africa