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Squirrel Poaching Draws Moscow Outrage February 14, 2014
Wild squirrel
Despite Russian websites selling squirrels that say the animals are a "friendly and gentle" to keep around the house, they actually can bite and are not domesticated.
A new Russian fad of nabbing squirrels out of parks to keep them as pets has officials threatening large fines for those who continue to squirrel away the animals.

Some nature lovers say they are outraged by the poaching, which has led to Moscow’s Ecological Control unit beefing up surveillance in the city’s parks to protect the wildlife.

People who collect the bushy-tailed animals can resell them as pets for about 5,000 rubles ($144).

Tears welling in her eyes, Alexandra Mishenko, a retiree who feeds the squirrels in Moscow’s parks, told The Associated Press:

“We should gather people together and pelt the person who does that with snow.”

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