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Fireball Explodes Above Argentina: Quake Feared February 21, 2014
Meteor streaking across the sky.
Cloud cover prevented people on the ground from seeing the streak from the exploding meteor over Argentina.
A meteor exploding over northern Argentina caused such a loud noise and strong shaking that many residents feared they had been hit by an earthquake.

Cloud cover prevented residents from seeing the trail left by the space debris when it entered the atmosphere above Santa Fe province on the morning of Feb. 18.

Officials said the explosion, which occurred at an altitude of about 45 miles, was heard in a nearly 200-mile radius.

Despite the loud blast, there were no reports of damage on the ground and no fragments were immediately found.

The director of the Santa Fe Astronomical Observatory, Jorge Coghlan, told the country’s Clarín daily that the object could have originally been about 20 inches in diameter.

It arrived at about the same time a large asteroid passed about 9 times the distance the moon is from Earth.

The two events were said to not have been related.

Photo: File