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Unusually Powerful Quake Jolts Northwestern California March 14, 2014
Quake Map of California
Parts of southern Oregon and northwestern California were jolted for approximately 20 seconds Sunday evening by an offshore quake centered 50 miles west of Eureka, California.

The 6.9 magnitude temblor struck at 10:18 p.m. local time and was one of the strongest to jolt the state in decades.

But officials said they did not receive any reports of significant damage or injuries.

U.S. Geological Survey Seismologist Keith Knudsen said the epicenter of the quake was far enough offshore to allow the energy to dissipate before reaching the coast.

But the quake was described as very powerful, creating a long-lasting rolling sensation.

“The animals, they felt it,” Ferndale resident Raquel Maytorena told The Los Angeles Times.

“My two horses were running around out by the barn, and my dogs, six dogs, were ready to get out of the house,” she added.

Despite striking beneath the seabed at a depth of only 10 miles, scientists said Sunday’s quake did not generate a tsunami. Numerous aftershocks were felt during the following day.