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Bloggers Claim Bison Fleeing Imminent Yellowstone Eruption April 4, 2014
Bison fleeing Yellowstone.
Part of an online video that purports to show numerous bison "running for their lives" out of Yellowstone because of an impending and catastrophic eruption.
Videos posted online of bison apparently fleeing Yellowstone National Park at about the same time the area was jolted by the strongest quake since 1980 have sparked fears of a catastrophic eruption.

The geothermal park sits atop a massive super volcano that has produced a series of violent eruptions.

A catastrophic one 2 million years ago covered half of North America with ash and wiped out populations of prehistoric animals, according to the Yellowstone Volcano Observatory (YVO).

So bloggers and survivalists say the videos clearly show the park’s bison have been “running for their lives” due to instincts that warn them of impending disaster.

But the YVO denies there is an increased threat of an eruption, pointing out the bison videos were posted (at least) weeks before the March 30 quake.

Seismologists have said a Yellowstone eruption is unlikely to occur within the next thousand or even 10,000 years.

Video Still Frame: Jay Lee