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Six Dead From Northern Chile Quake-Tsunami April 4, 2014
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Northern Chile was jolted Tuesday evening by a massive “great” earthquake that killed six people and triggered a local tsunami that smashed between 70 and 80 boats near the offshore epicenter.

Three of the victims died of heart attacks during the shaking, which caused huge cracks to appear in some roadways.

But officials said the overall damage from the 8.2 magnitude quake and dozens of strong aftershocks was relatively minor.

The region had been rocked for the previous two weeks by a swarm of more than 300 tremors centered beneath the Pacific about 60 miles northwest of the mining port of Iquique.

“The city is basically fine with no visible damage. We don’t see any major impacts from tsunami or the earthquake,” Arica Mayor Salvador Urrutia told a reporter after touring Iquique.

“None of our bridges collapsed and principal thoroughfares are working. Schools don't seem to have suffered significant damage.”

About 300 inmates escaped from a women's prison in Iquique, prompting the closure of the border with nearby Peru.