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English Smog Worsened by Cloud of Sahara Dust April 4, 2014
Smog forecast graphic
Southeast England had the highest concentrations of smog brought on by light winds, pollution and Sahara dust.
Parts of England were blanketed with record high levels of choking smog, which was worsened by a plume of dust that blew into the country from the Sahara Desert.

Many motorists awoke to find their vehicles coated with the red dust.

Smog reached the top of the official 10-point scale of air pollution in Norfolk, the East Midlands and Yorkshire.

Greater London suffered with smog that reached level 7.

People with heart or respiratory conditions were urged to avoid exertion and remain indoors and to see their doctors if symptoms worsened.

The environment department said the smog was caused by pollution from Britain and industrialized areas of neighboring Europe that stayed in place because of light winds, along with the Sahara dust.

Smog Forecast Graphic: Public Health England