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'Smog Domes' Proposed As Escapes From China's PollutionApril 11, 2014
Smoggy Beijing skyline,
Episodes of unhealthful air pollution frequently cast a pall over Beijing's skyline.
A London-based architectural firm has a solution to China’s smog crisis — botanical gardens enclosed in giant “bubbles” where residents can take refuge.

Orproject presented the idea to Beijing officials, including plans for a lightweight dome that would house a climate-controlled park with air kept clean by the plants inside and filtered air from outside.

“The buildings surrounding the park, which are connected to the controlled air system, can house apartments, offices and retail, but may also offer sports or medical facilities which make specific use of the healthy air,” the company said.

Critics say more should be done to combat the pollution at its sources.

They also point out that the domes would separate those living inside from those unable to afford the luxury. Beijing smog has become so acute that outdoor sports are often banned.

Photo: File