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'Unprecedented' Electrical Storms Spark Bovine Tragedies April 11, 2014
Cows killed by Chilean lightning bolt.
Cows lying dead beneath a tree struck by lightning from a freak electrical storm on April 7 in southern Chile.
Lightning from freak thunderstorms, stronger than some southern Chile residents can remember ever experiencing before, killed 63 cows in two separate strikes.

A single bolt killed 54 dairy cows that had taken refuge beneath a tree near Los Rios.

One cow survived, but was left blinded, according to rancher Cecil Fourt.

In a similar incident, nine other cows died beneath a tree hit by lightning near El Pilar.

“We have electrical storms here, but never like this,” Carlos Godoy, administrator of the Las Cascadas estate, told Chile’s El Universo daily.

Photo: Radio San Jose de Alcudia (Chile)