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Peruvian Eruption Giving Villagers 'Pink Eye' Aprl 2, 2014
Peruvian villager
Villagers living around Peru's Ubinas volcano are suffering health problems due to falling ash.
Ongoing eruptions of Peru’s Ubinas volcano produced such a high volume of ash falling over nearby villages that some people were reported suffering from conjunctivitis, or "pink eye."

The ailment was said to be caused by eye irritation from the caustic debris.

The country's El Comercio daily reports that the affected residents were prescribed eye drops for use throughout the day.

The eruptions have prompted the evacuation of nearly 30,000 head of livestock from nearby pastures. Ash also has damaged more than 2,000 acres of crops.

Experts from the Volcano Observatory of Arequipa predicted that eruptions were likely to continue, spewing ash up to 18,000 feet into the Andean sky.

Photo: El Comercio (Peru)