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Rain of Fish Delights Sri Lanka Villagers May 9, 2014
Fish that fell from the sky
Sri Lankan villager picks up one of the fish that fell from the sky on May 5, 2014.
A rare atmospheric phenomenon brought villagers in western Sri Lanka a bounty of small fish, which rained from the heavens still alive.

The BBC reports that people in the district of Chilaw say they heard the sound of something heavy falling on May 5 and went outside to find that more than 100 pounds of fish had been deposited.

Some ate the free food right away while others kept the prized commodity in water for a later meal.

Meteorologists have determined that such “fish rain” is due to a waterspout, or a tornado moving over a body of water, sucking up the fish and sometimes carrying them for quite a distance.

Prawns, eels and even frogs have also been observed falling from the sky due to such a phenomenon.

Photo: BBC