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Antarctic Ice Melting in Irreversible Retreat': NASA May 16, 2014
Satellite Image
Antarctic ice breaking apart in the Southern Ocean.
A sudden and unexpected undermining of vast glaciers in western Antarctica is set to reshape the world’s coastlines for centuries, researchers warn.

The bases of six of the glaciers are reported to be melting away due to the warming of the Southern Ocean, which surrounds the continent.

In a report, partly based on satellite radar measurements from 1992 to 2011, NASA says that “a large sector of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet has gone into a state of irreversible retreat.”

The glaciers involved have the potential to elevate sea level by 4 feet, but that was not factored into the recent U.N. climate change report.

It predicted sea level was likely to rise between 10 and 32 inches by the end of this century.

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