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New Satellites Reveal Weakening of Earth's Magnetic Field June 27, 2014
Magnetic field change graphic 2014
Changes in Earth’s magnetic field from January to June 2014. These changes are based on the magnetic signals that stem from Earth’s core. Shades of red represent areas of strengthening, while blues show areas of weakening.
Earth’s magnetic field has weakened this year, possibly leaving the planet more vulnerable to cosmic radiation and charged particles from the sun, scientists say.

Initial readings from a new three-satellite observation network for the planet’s magnetic field also revealed that the magnetic north pole is drifting southward toward Siberia.

Each satellite in the European Space Agency’s “Swarm” mission is equipped with several sensors, including magnetometers that measure the magnetic field's strength and direction.

But given the limited amount of time the mission has been operating, researchers aren’t too concerned with the weakening of the field.

They say it’s probably normal, and the protective cloak around Earth should regain its strength in the near future.

Photo: European Space Agency