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Physicist: Build Walls to Stop Tornados From Forming June 27, 2014
Tornado in the sunset
Dr. Tao’s plan to prevent tornado formation is to interfere with the northward flow of air. His walls would block air streaming close to the ground.
A Pennsylvania-based researcher suggests that building huge walls across the American landscape could end the threat of major tornado outbreaks in Tornado Alley.

Writing in the International Journal of Modern Physics B, Temple University’s Rongjia Tao says the objective is to block the northward flow of low-level winds across the Plains with walls 1,000 feet tall.

He said that would cut off one of the necessary ingredients for tornado outbreaks without blocking moisture for needed rain.

Tao points to east-west mountain ranges in China that do the same thing, along with small-scale features in North America that provide local protection.

The well-respected physicist proposes starting small with short segments to shield some of the most tornado-prone communities.

But he envisions an eventual network of walls across Texas and Louisiana, the Dakotas and a corridor somewhere in between.

Leading severe storm experts say Tao’s proposal is impractical and just won’t work.

Photo: NOAA