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Albino Humpback May Have Skin Cancer June 27, 2014
Satellite Image
A pink area around Migaloo's dorsal fin has observers concerned the albino might have a type of skin cancer.
One of only four known white whales in the world may be developing a kind of skin cancer, according to some who spotted the albino humpback off Australia’s Queensland coast.

The approximately 28-year-old whale, known as Migaloo, was first identified in 1991 and has since been seen regularly as he migrated off eastern Australia.

But photos and video showing a pink discoloration around Migaloo’s dorsal fin this season have some concerned that his long periods on the surface in the sun could be taking a toll on his unpigmented skin.

“It may well be just a growth, or it could be skin cancer, we’re just not too sure at the moment,” said White Whale Research Center founder Oskar Peterson.

Whale watchers say Migaloo’s appearance is still spectacular.

“He sort of glows in the water like a fluorescent blue,” Peterson told Australia’s ABC News. “He's quite an amazing sight.”

Photo: Whale Watching Sydney