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Record Migration for Green Sea Turtle July 25, 2014
Green turtle
The average life span of a green sea turtle in the wild is over 80 years. Adults feed on seagrass.
A green sea turtle has been tracked migrating 2,472 miles from the Chagos Islands of the central Indian Ocean to the coast of Somalia, in East Africa.

It’s believed to be the longest green sea turtle migration ever recorded. Scientists from Swansea University in Wales made the discovery after attaching tags to the backs of eight of the turtles to determine if any new protected areas should be established to preserve the endangered species.

Seven of the eight migrated to seagrass foraging areas outside a protected boundary around the Chagos Islands.

“The message from this research is that networks of small protected areas need to be developed alongside larger ones so species which migrate over long distances can stay in safe zones for as much time as possible,” researcher Graeme Hays told the BBC.

Photo: NOAA