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Monkey Men Protect Indian Seat of Government August 8, 2014
Street monkeys in New Delhi
Large groups of monkeys terrorize the streets of New Delhi, including around Parliament House.
The Indian government has hired 40 men to imitate monkeys and shoo away pesky primates, which frequently lay siege to Parliament House in New Delhi.

Monkeys are revered by Hindus because of their association with the monkey god Hanuman, but they become a problem for the human population as they run free through many Indian cities.

Large groups of macaques around the capital have attacked politicians and destroyed official documents.

The practice of driving the marauding monkeys off with their larger langur cousins, accompanied by handlers, was outlawed in late 2012, when it became illegal to keep the langurs in captivity.

Now, dozens of “monkey wallahs,” which roughly translates to “monkey men,” grunt, hoot and screech in their best langur impersonations to scare off the macaques.

The Times of India reports the monkey impersonators have proved to be effective in their new roles and are paid between $115 and $150 per month for their part-time efforts.

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