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Evacuations Widen Around Rumbling Philippine Volcano October 10, 2014
Mount Mayon's simmering summit.
Lava continued to spew from the summit of Mount Mayon as more people and animals were evacuated.
Unrest within Mayon volcano prompted Philippine authorities to move nearby residents and farm animals away from areas threatened by what appeared to be an impending eruption.

Approximately 55,000 people have been relocated since the 8,081-foot mountain began rumbling.

Evacuees have been housed in makeshift centers, typically schools and other government buildings.

Volcanologist Ed Laguerta said Mayon’s crater had expanded significantly since late September due to rising lava, which has cast an eerie glow visible for miles as the molten flow emerged from Mayon’s summit.

Mayon is known for its almost perfect cone shape, and has erupted about 50 times since modern record keeping began in 1616.

A violent eruption of Mayon in 1814 killed more than 1,200 people.

The volcano spewed lava during its last significant activity in July 2006.

Photo: Philippine Star