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May Was America's Wettest Month on Record June 12, 2015
May climate maps for U.S. rainfall.
The record rainfall in the southern Great Plains was in contrast to the arid conditions experienced in the East and along the Pacific Coast of the United States.
Most residents in flood-ravaged parts of America’s southern Plains won’t argue with the finding that May turned out to be the wettest month since record-keeping began 121 years ago.

The average rainfall for the month across the contiguous United States was 4.36 inches, or 1.45 inches greater than average.

NOAA climate scientist Jake Crouch calculated that more than 200 trillion gallons of water fell from the American sky during May.

Despite the Texas and Oklahoma deluges during the month, the states of Connecticut, Delaware, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Massachusetts and South Carolina each recorded a top 10 driest May ever.

The cloudbursts in the Plains resulted from a stalled weather pattern that allowed storm after storm to pass over the same areas.

The weather shift ended a five-year drought in Texas and Oklahoma.

Graphics: NOAA