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Searing Heat Each Year If No Emission Curbs: Study February 26, 2016
Mother fans son in heat wave.
Pakistani mother fanning her son during a recent South Asian heat wave.
Climate researchers warn that by the year 2075, if greenhouse gas emissions are not significantly reduced, the world is likely to be hit each year with searing heat waves that rarely occur today.

Writing in the journal Climate Change, a team of scientists concedes that even if emission reduction targets are reached, 18 percent of global land areas would still be subjected yearly to intense heat waves, defined as three exceptionally hot days in a row.

By 2050, the researchers say heat waves that now occur about once in 20 years will be at least 5.4 degrees Fahrenheit hotter over 60 percent of the Earth’s land areas than today, without targeted emissions cuts.

“Mitigation is crucial,” said study author Claudia Tebaldi, a senior research scientist at the U.S. National Center for Atmospheric Research. “We have a lot to gain from limiting greenhouse gas emissions, and benefits will be felt fairly soon.”

Photo: File