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Fiji Ravaged by Record Cyclone Winston February 26, 2016
Fiji Radar Loop
Cyclone Winston can be seen making landfall on Fiji's largest island of Viti Levu on February 20 as the strongest such storm on record to strike the country.
At least 44 people perished when the strongest cyclone ever to strike Fiji in recorded history leveled parts of the South Pacific island nation. Tens of thousands of others were left homeless.

With winds of nearly 180 mph, Cyclone Winston was also the strongest tropical cyclone on record in the Southern Hemisphere and the second-strongest in terms of wind speed ever to strike land anywhere in the world.

Officials and relief agencies struggled to get emergency supplies to the country’s more than 100 far-flung islands and their remote communities once Winston’s winds subsided.

"The imagery is heartbreaking," said UNIVER spokeswoman Alice Clements. "You're looking down and expecting to see a village and instead you're seeing a field of debris.”

The United Nations’ Fiji coordinator Osnat Lubrani told reporters: "It is clear from these catastrophic impacts that Fiji is facing a long road to recovery."

Cyclone Winston Track

Radar Loop Data: Fiji Meteorological Service