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Migrating Monarch Butterflies Disappearing
September 27, 2013 — Clusters of monarch butterflies are now in the midst of their marathon migration south across a broad swath of North America, but observers warn their numbers have plummeted again.
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September 27, 2013 — The accelerated pace of wildlife poaching across Africa has resulted in the gruesome slaughter of more than 80 elephants that died of cyanide poisoning in Zimbabwe’s Hwange National Park.
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September 27, 2013 — Fishing off northeastern Japan’s Fukushima coast resumed after officials said radiation in marine life there from meltdowns at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant proved “minuscule.”
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August 3, 2012 — Howler monkeys living at a central Argentina park have been treated with antidepressants after members of the group became so “depressed” that they wouldn’t eat.
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Sept. 27, 2012
Typhoon Usagi lashes the Philippines, Taiwan and South China, killing dozens.
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Sept. 27, 2013
Pakistani Quake kills hundreds, wreckes hundreds of homes and creates new island.
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