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Record Chill Spreads Deep into Southeast Asia February 9, 2007
Satellite Image
A Siberian high pressure area brought record cold weather far to the south, including the Philippines.
Record low temperatures spread across many parts of Southeast Asia, causing crop damage as far south as the mountainous interior of the Philippines.

Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam and northern Thailand experienced some of the coldest early February weather on record.

The chill was caused by a Siberian high pressure area that sent the winter chill much farther south than normal.

Vegetable crops in the Philippines' Benguet province were damaged when temperatures fell to 40 to 45 degrees Fahrenheit from the normal seasonal lows of 64 to 73 degrees.

Provincial agriculturist Delina Juan told the French news agency that many areas of the province have been affected by the unusual weather.

Photo: Earthbrowser