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El Niño Storms Strike South America February 23, 2007
Satellite Image
Storms intensified by the warmer Pacific waters of El Niño have caused flood disasters in the Andes.
Heavy rainfall since December from El Niño-intensified storms created flood emergencies in both Peru and Bolivia.

At least 65 people have perished from floods in the Andean nations, and countless head of livestock have also been lost.

President Evo Morales deployed soldiers to aid more than 50,000 Bolivians left homeless by two months of heavy rains.

Long stretches of main highways, especially roads connecting the eastern industrial province of Santa Cruz and Bolivia's interior, have been cut or severely damaged.

Officials say they cannot be completely repaired due to ongoing downpours.

Latest forecasts indicate the El Niño ocean warming will weaken in the Pacific over the next few months.

Meteorologists in Australia have announced that the waning phenomenon is no longer creating drought conditions for that country.

Photo: Earthbrowser