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Typhoon Usagi Lashes Southern Japan June 29, 2007
Satellite Image
Radar image shows swirling bands around Typhoon Usagi as the storm moved ashore on Japan's Kyushu Island Thursday night.
Typhoon Usagi roared into southern Japanís Kyushu Island Thursday night, injuring several people and disrupting transportation and electric power.

Usagi, which means rabbit in Japanese, forced airlines to cancel about 240 domestic flights, and train service was partially suspended on Kyushu.

Kyushu Electric Power said 8,000 houses were without power on Friday, and nearly 500 people took shelter in evacuation centers.

"The typhoon isnít as big as the previous one, but itís strong,Ē said Nobuyoshi Namikawa, a crisis management official with the Miyazaki prefectural government on Kyushu. ďAs it is compact, we have alerted residents to be careful about gusts and rain, which can intensify suddenly as the typhoon approaches."

Southern Japan was hit two weeks ago by Typhoon Man-yi, one of the most powerful storms to strike the country in decades.

That storm killed three people and caused widespread flooding. Damage and injuries from Usagi were much lighter by comparison.

Typhoon Usagi Track

Radar Image: Japan Meteorological Agency