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Two Storms Strike Taiwan August 10, 2007
Radar Image
Radar image shows the eye of Typhoon Pabuk clipping the extreme southern tip of Taiwan. Heavy rain covered the rest of the island.
The island of Taiwan was lashed by two tropical cyclones that moved ashore from the western Pacific in rapid succession.

Typhoon Pabuk clipped the southern tip of the island, ending one of the worst droughts in decades with nearly 12 inches (300 mm) of rainfall.

The storm then lost force as it moved southward along the coast of China's Guangdong province, eventually passing directly over Hong Kong as a tropical storm.

Tropical Storm Wutip struck southern parts of Taiwan a day later in an area of disturbed weather left in the wake of Pabuk.

Wutip then lost force over adjacent coastal areas of Mainland China.

Both storms helped ease a prolonged drought that has been affecting a wide area of southern China.

Typhoon Pabuk Track
Tropical Storm Wutip Track

Photo: Earthbrowser