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Zimbabwe Anthrax Outbreak October 26, 2007
Photo of Zimbabwe game park
An outbreak of anthrax has infected seven people at a Zimbabwe game park.
Seven people were hospitalized in Zimbabwe with anthrax poisoning after being exposed to the potentially deadly bacterium through contact with infected animals at the country’s Manzou Game Park.

Acting director of the country’s veterinary department, Josphat Nyika, said a team had been sent to the park to assess the situation.

The bacterium cannot be passed between humans, and is usually acquired as the result of contact with infected animal hides, fur, wool, leather or contaminated soil.

Anthrax, like any other zoonotic disease, usually infects animals during the dry season when livestock graze closer to the ground.

Last December, three people died from anthrax in the east of Zimbabwe after either eating or handling infected meat.

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